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03/05/12 02:48 PM #24    

Deborah Baker (Chamness)

Hey, I agree with all the above.

I grew up in a house with Fred and Hazel. I didn't even know there were songs in the 70's.

No, that is not true: we played Homer and Jeffro music! Really good stuff. Don't forget the soundtrack from the Alamo featuring John Wayne. Oh that's what I'm talking about!

Okay, I just wanted to be on this website with all the other cool people.


03/05/12 11:55 PM #25    

Charlotte Snailum (Kelley)

Any of the great Joe Cocker tunes.

03/06/12 03:15 PM #26    

Jane Bander (Williams)

Our cool, handy-dandy class website lists these performers (and songs in some instances):

Popular Musicians

  • James Taylor
  • The Doors
  • Bob Dylan
  • Tony Orlando and Dawn with " Knock  This will get stuck looping around your head!
  • Three Times "  ??!
  • Janis Joplin with " Me and Bobby Mcgee "
  • The Who
  • Mungo Jerry  (who dis??!)
  • John Lennon
  • The Jackson 5
  • Ike and Tina Turner
  • Marvin Gaye
  • Rod Stewart with " Maggie Mae "
  • The Osmonds  (I can't even name one of their songs!)
  • Michael Jackson
  • The Rolling Stones with " Brown Sugar "


03/08/12 07:17 AM #27    

Lynda Jackson (Hughes)


Your Song - Elton John

Bridge Over Troubled Waters!! - Simon and Garfunkel

Joy To the World - Three Dog Night

Let It Be - Beatles

You've Got a Friend - James Taylor

If - Bread



Lynda Jackson Hughes

03/08/12 08:31 AM #28    

Jane Bander (Williams)


I knew you'd say Chicago!  :)  I vote the same on all your selected memories. Good calls!

03/09/12 07:10 AM #29    

Stephanie Pope

Songs from our time - what a joy to remember!

Please consider playing:

Your Song - Elton John

Stairway to Heaven

Ain't No Sunshine

Teach Your Children- Crosby,Stills, Nash, and Young(?)

Eli's Coming-Three Dog NIght

Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter, Paul, and Mary

Solitary Man - Neil Diamond

Thanks, Stephanie Pope - I'm coming and look forward to seeing everyone!

03/12/12 12:01 PM #30    

Carl Childers

Country Joe McDonald's acoustic song at Woodstock - "I Feel Like I'm Gonna Die" (Vietnam protest song)

Maybe not a favorite, but it brings back alot of memories of the era, the draft, etc.

03/13/12 03:35 PM #31    

Janet Hardy

Can't resist a few more!

Ain't Too Proud to Beg--The Temptations

I Heard It Through the Grapevine--Marvin Gaye

Respect--Aretha Franklin

I Never Loved A Man The Way That I Love You--Aretha Franklin

Dock of the Bay--Otis Redding

I Dig Rock & Roll Music--Peter, Paul, & Mary

Woodstock--Joni Mitchell (and/or Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young--both versions are great)


03/13/12 07:44 PM #32    

Patricia G. Smith (Duffel)

Not necessarily from 1971 but we grew up with the Beatles so... Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and pretty much anything else by the Fab Four. 

Also from the era, if not the year:

One(is the loneliest number) Three Dog Night

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window, Joe Cocker

Sweet Baby James, James Taylor

Blowing in the Wind (the Peter, Paul, and Mary version)

Sunshine of Your Love, Cream


03/14/12 09:20 PM #33    


Cynthia Williams (Deegan)

I can't believe there is no Bob Dylan!!  It just wouldn't be my senior year without the Nashville Skyline album.  If I was driving the car when "Lay, Lady, Lay" came on, we would have to switch drivers just so I could swoon! And then there is Just LIke a Woman....and  I Want You and Mr. Tamborine Man...and

Also, The Fifth Dimension is embedded in that time for me..."Sweet Blindness" in particular...


Carol King "I Feel the Earth Move..."  and "It's Too Late"

John Lennon's "Imagine"

The Stones "Brown Sugar" !

and there HAS to be some James Brown...."I FEEEELLLL GOOOOOD!!!!"

And CAT STEVENS---Wild World,  and Hard Headed Woman...


03/15/12 09:04 AM #34    

Mike Murphy

By The Time I Get To Phoenix-Glen Cambell

03/16/12 12:59 PM #35    

Tommy Duane Jones

what a great bunch of music we had to listen to. the beatles, rolloing stones, led zeppelin, bob dylan, chicago, ccr!!!! now most of us probably listen to country lol it's all good listening anyway

03/17/12 08:41 AM #36    

Anne Duncan (Powers)

A few of my favs were "I Got a Line on You" by Spirit and "House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals.  Then there's "Bluebird" from Buffalo Springfield and "For Your Love" by the Yardbirds.  Oh...there were just so many!  It's funny to think our parents thought all that music we listened to was just a bunch of noise because that's what I think about most of the music that's out today.  But I can hear some of those oldies and I'm transported back to such a great time in my life.  But I feel my mental age is about 4-5 years out of high school.  It's just this damned old 'body betrayal' we have to deal with!

I have a short Paula Ray story.  I was with a group who was visiting the Adult Day Care on S. 7th many years ago.  I didn't know Paula was a client there and when I saw her I approached her.  I would try to talk to her, but she just repeated over and over, "I just thank God for Tom and Ruth Ann for being able to help me."  I thought at the time that this was a lesson in futility trying to engage her in a conversation, but I persisted.  When it was time for us to go, I went to tell her goodbye. She turned to me; grinned a "we got away with something really good" grin; and said, "Man, we sure could drink that beer, couldn't we?"  I loved it, because we sure could.  I never really knew the extent of her brain injury, but after reading Susie's explanation, it makes perfect sense.  She IS still in there!  And I miss her.

03/17/12 03:41 PM #37    

Doris Eugenio

Tapestry - carole king 

In My Life - lennon/mccartney

Cream - Badge

Four and Twenty - Stephen Stills

Blind Faith


03/20/12 01:50 PM #38    

Rob Rogers

Here is a picture with Paula Ray at a Disability Resources lunch during our annual dove hunt/fund raiser and auction we have each September.  She seems to always be in a good mood, and remembers me after always asking "what did I call you".  I tell her "Robby", she will smile, and then say "I love you Robby".

There's not many days that go by that I don't think of her, and think of the blessings in my life.


Rob Rogers

03/21/12 11:26 AM #39    

Vandra Kay Weese (Oxner)

I am trying to get in touch with the management at the MCM Elegante regarding us having an informal gathering on Saturday afternoon from 1-4. Nothing fancy just a chance for us to gather and socialize. This will be a come and go in the bar area. Will keep you posted as to the final outcome.  This will be for all classmates not just people staying at the hotel.

03/22/12 08:47 AM #40    

Jane Bander (Williams)

Sounds good, Vandra!  I hope to be able to stop in, too!  I'm staying there, so it should be do-able.  But I'll be returning from DRI. 


Robby, thank you for posting this picture of Paula.  You are a sweetie. It makes me cry to read how darling Paula is.  Reading Susie B's post shows the same, sweet personality.  I'm looking forward to seeing her after all these years.   She is lucky to have friends like you and Suzie and others. 

03/22/12 10:55 AM #41    

Vandra Kay Weese (Oxner)

The informal gathering on Saturday afternoon will be on the patio of the Elegante.  All classmates are invited.  Unfortunately, the bar will not be open so if you want to drink it will be a BYOB.  Sorry for all the confusion, but the management has been slow in getting back to me with any kind of responses.  OH WELL, we can still get together and have a great time.  Looking forward to seeing all of you this weekend.

03/23/12 09:34 AM #42    

Bruce Reed

I Will be going down to my ranch Sat. from 1-4pm to shoot my Barrett .50 cal. Call me @325 513 6038 if you want to go and shoot or just hang out.It cost $4.50 a round. Bring a couple of fives and I will bring some quarters. LOL. Pass the word around. All girls welcome. Bruce

03/23/12 09:36 AM #43    

Bruce Reed

I Will be going down to my ranch Sat. from 1-4pm to shoot my Barrett .50 cal. Call me @325 513 6038 if you want to go and shoot or just hang out.It cost $4.50 a round. Bring a couple of fives and I will bring some quarters. LOL. Pass the word around. All girls welcome. Bruce

03/30/12 10:20 AM #44    

Jane Bander (Williams)

From Gail Batko:   (thanks so much, Gail!)      


Info for Pink Cookies:





03/30/12 09:08 PM #45    

Casey Hales

Guys, if you want to see the video from the reunion, I finally was able to get it uploaded to YouTube where you can view it if you wish. The link is:







04/05/12 07:08 PM #46    

Gail Schneider (Batko)


08/14/12 11:35 AM #47    

Thomas Langley

My best musical thought from HS was how late at night somewhere a station or two cut their broadcst power at midnight and we could hear Satisfaction/Rolling Stones on KOMA in Ok. Abilene was not airing it at the time. Looked forward to it while driving. My dog dances to it now when it comes on and I (sort of) dance and mouth and gesture to it.

05/27/15 12:52 PM #48    

Gary Grubbs

April is probably the best bet because of much less activities than in May or June...just my opinion



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