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Anne Duncan Powers

Profile Updated: June 1, 2015
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Residing In:
Abilene, TX USA
Gordon Powers
Chargemaster @ Hendrick Provider Network
David Duncan Powers, born 1987 (graduated from Texas Tech in Computer Science-works for Neugistics in More…Austin, TX
Mary Alden Powers, born 1990 (attending Hardin Simmons--doing so well!)
Both are single and unattached and having a great time.
Yes! Attending Reunion

After Cooper HS, I went to Austin and attended the University there. Loved the town, made great friends, lived the wonderful single life. Got in with other dog enthusiasts and we would travel the dog show circuits. I'd enter my dogs in Obedience Trials and my friends showed their Borzois in Confirmation. Eventually got to co-own a Scottish Deerhound. We bred her and had a huge litter of gorgeous pups. Most earned their championships, and the one I kept became an American and International champion. Some friends wanted to campaign my Deerhound in the east coast circuits, which basically meant he'd become someone else's dog for a few years. I agreed, but asked if they would make a point to enter him in the Westminster Kennel Club show, then send me a picture. They did and he did very well. He won Best of Opposite Sex-at Westminster! Shortly after that, it was discovered he was sterile!! Oh well; story of my life, but I wouldn't have traded it for anything.

Eventually married my high school sweetheart's younger brother in 1985. We stayed in Austin several more years and decided to make the trek back to Abilene with 2 small children. The marriage is now 27 years old and we still laugh every day. It's been a ride.

I've always loved dogs, and now I have too many! I was wondering the other day as I made my daily tour of the backyard with my faithful Pooper Scoopers...how many pounds of dog poop have I picked up in my lifetime???? I have virtually become Edward Scissorshands-like with the Scoops. I can go low to get weeds or high to do a bit of pruning in the trees, even pinned a bull snake with them.

School Story:

Went to Austin right after high school and attended the University there. A few weeks after my last semester (or so I thought) had begun, I received a notice from the Registrar saying that a class I was taking wasn't in my degree plan. I panicked...I was taking an Upper Division Business Elective in Transportation (I had worked for a few years at a trucking company and found it interesting). Turns out I was supposed to have taken an Upper Divisioin NON-Business elective! I immediately spoke to the dean, who said, "If we let you get by with this, we'd have to let everyone do it." No you wouldn't, you jerk! So I immediately dropped the Transportation class and signed up for a Correspondence Course in Anthropology. Didn't take too long to figure out there was no way I was going to be able to complete that course in time to graduate. Had to go home and tell the parents what had happened. They handled it well. The next semester I took a night school class (on a Pass/Fail basis, of course) in Persian Carpets and graduated with my BBA! AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!

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Apr 05, 2016 at 11:54 AM

Happy Belated Birthday Vikki! I agree wholeheartedly with Nancy Smith-Blair's sentiment...."Hope you day is a special one." So...was you day a special one? Wish you'd call. Miss you.

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